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Our Exclusive Tire Protection Package

To maximize the life of your tires and to protect against life's unfortunate incidents, we offer our customers our in-house Tire Protection Package when you purchase a set of 4 tires from us.

The small cost is paid back almost 10 fold.

The cost is $30 to cover all 4 tires on most vehicles and $40 for larger SUV and Truck tires and includes the following below:

FREE Tire Rotations

Tires need to be rotated every 10,000 km in order to preserve the mileage that the manufacturer states.

By rotating your tires in this frequency, you can also avoid cupping the tires and other uneven wear.

Keep an eye on your odometer and come in for your free tire rotation.

You save $25 to $30 each rotation so with our package, you will probably save between $175 to $250 on rotations depending on which tires you purchase.

FREE Tire repairs

Whether you run over a nail and puncture your tire, have a rim leak or valve stem that is leaking (does not apply to TPMS valves), we got you covered.  If the leak is repairable (and over 90% are), we will fix it for free.

Hopefully, you will never need a tire repair but you will save between $20 to $30 each time we fix a flat for you.

FREE Balancing

If you ever experience slight vibrations while traveling at highway speeds (usually at least 100 km/h), then this is a good indication that your tires need to be re-balanced.  Come in and we will balance all the tires that need it at no charge.

Most vehicles will need at tire balancing at least once over the life of the tires.  You will again save between $50 to $60 with this package.

Not buying the package, No problem

Even if you don't buy the Tire Protection Package, we always cover flat repairs for the first month after purchase as a courtesy.

We will also re-balance your tires within the first 60 days at no charge because sometime tires need to be re-balanced shortly after they have been installed.