Repair or Replace


Many people believe that because their tire is deflating on a regular basis that it needs to be replaced when in fact most tires can be repaired.  You may have a puncture, a valve leak or a leak between the bead of the tire and rim.  We can fix at least 90% of these types of leaks.  If it can't be fixed, then we will try to match a good used tire until you need to purchase another set.

Plug Repairs


When a tire has a puncture on the top portion of the tread, it can be repaired with a good quality plug.  Most plugs purchased in a retail store will eventually leak again due to their fibrous construction.  At Queenston Tire, we use quality rubber, 4-ply plugs that form part of your tire and guaranteed to last for the life of the tire. 

Patch Repairs


When a tire has a small puncture close to the sidewall or on the sidewall, it can still be repaired.  We have quality sidewall patches that re-enforce your tire.  The patches have cords between the rubber to accomplish this.  We will always assess whether a sidewall is  repairable or if the tire needs replacing.

Rim Leaks


Alloy rims are most notable for leaking between the rim and the bead of the tire.  Oxidization builds up and creates small air pockets and air leaks out.  Be spraying soapy water around the rim, small bubbles will form to let us know it's leaking from there.  We will dismount the tire then use a wire wheel on a drill to clean the surface back to a clean aluminum finish, apply a quality sealer, change the valve stem (on non-tpms systems), re-mount the tire and balance it.

Plug/Patch combo


When a tire has a larger hole on the top of the tread, a patch/plug combo may be the best solution.  The patch portion secures a tight seal and the plug portion fills the hole so the metal cords don't corrode quickly.

Safety Always Comes First


First, we will always assess if a tire is safe enough to repair.  If it isn't, we have both used and new tires for replacement.

Each year, we do have a few customers that insist we repair a tire that is not road worthy and we will always refuse to put you or others on the road in danger.