TPMS Sensor Service


What are TPMS sensors

A vehicle equipped with TPMS sensors monitor the air pressure in each tire in real time and allows the driver to be alerted if the tire pressure in one or more tires is too low or too high.  Most sensors look like the one pictured on the left and sit inside the drop centre of your rim as pictured below.  There is one sensor in each wheel.


When you see the TPMS light come on your dash as pictured on the right, your tire pressure has dropped at least 25% below recommended pressure.  If the battery runs out, this will also cause you to see the TPMS light on your dash and your sensor needs replacing as the battery cannot be replaced.

If you over inflate your tire by at least 25% above recommended, then the light will also come on your dash.


TPMS Scan Tool

A proper TPMS  scan tool is needed to read existing sensors and to program new sensors.  At Queenston Tire, we use as least 3 different tools that allow us to scan and program at least 98% of cars on the market.


TPMS sensors sit inside your rim below the drop centre and the valve stem is part of your TPMS sensor.   A technician must also be careful in how they dismount and remount the tire as not to break the sensor.  Our technicians are trained in how to properly do this.

Service & Sales


At Queenston Tire, we can diagnose if one of your sensors is not working and replace it, relearn your sensors if your light is staying on or replace the valve portion of the sensor (snap in models only)